Amazing Trip to Magdalena Bay!

It’s been an incredible adventure at Magdalena Bay, the first trip for me and hoping not the last one. We have an amazing group of guests with a great atmosphere around, we have gone already two days with local pangas to search and successfully find lots of marine life. To start this day we had an encounter with a couple of humpback whales which made an excellent start of the day, later we went out to find big bait balls of sardines and mackerels being hunted by marlins and sea lions, our guests could get a really close encounter with them and we were able to swim right next to them and enjoy the nature’s marvels.

Good start for just two days of action with the pangas and on the first day 3 dives to warm up which were good to begin the adventure at Margarita Island so we have all the attitude to keep going on this trip.

  • Divemaster Armando onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

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