I Never Imagined How Beautiful Marlins Could Be When They Are Seen on the Hunt

This trip has been a unique and amazing experience. Seeking out bait balls is a mission-driven way to snorkel, with outstanding rewards. I never imagined how beautiful Marlins could be when they are seen on the hunt underwater. Their energy, grace and colors are a sight to behold when they are in their natural habitat hunting.

This trip has been magical for me. The staff is integral to this process as they are well informed, friendly and helpful. The cabins are extremely comfortable and the food is plentiful and delicious. The Gallant Lady is a fine ship and the crew is superb. I came down here from Idaho and have enjoyed some of the most unique marine life that the ocean has to offer on this trip. Thank you to the entire crew for a fabulous trip.

  • Heather Hailey, Idaho onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

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