Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2021-12-07

Location: Cabo Henslow

Weather: Clear Skies, NNE Wind (10-15kts), S Swell (2ft)

We finished yesterday at Cabo Pearce strong with a great dolphin encounter, the kind where they want to come to be your friend. We had one guest laying in the sand at the bottom alongside the dolphin who rested in the sand with him. And the mantas that have just been everywhere so far this season were still around with the divers.

After our 3rd dive at Cabo Pearce, we managed to get it done and get to Tosca by 8 pm, just in time to have our snorkel and taco night kind of simultaneously, so tacos were waiting as the guests came up. The snorkel was good, about 8-10 silkies around behaving calmly. Some dolphins cruised by briefly also.

This morning we moved up to Cabo Henslow and tucked inside close to the beach to anchor, it was beautiful in there with lots of green from the recent rains. We did the first two dives at Roca Oneal. The first one was great with a very special manta encounter with a female named Barefoot, for a foot-shaped pattern on her underside. She has been known to seek close interaction in the past and apparently enjoys sitting on our DM Juan’s head but also went diver to diver to share that manta love.

There were a couple of other mantas around as well. The second dive was quieter but some bottlenose dolphins did come by to see the divers. We are now preparing for dive 3, first at Tosca for the day.

Water temperature: 78°F

Visibility: 80-100ft

  • Captain Gordon

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