I Feel like We Are a Family

When we boarded Nautilus Explorer we were all strangers. After a week of amazing diving adventures altogether, I know I made friends for life. My heart is full of gratitude to everyone in the crew for looking after us with such kindness and individualized care. Cath and Favi were incredible with their care before & after every dive and Kike made some of the most amazing veggie dishes I have ever had. I feel incredibly spoiled. Also many thanks to Beto and Gilberto for keeping us informed and safe during this passage. As a sailor myself, I know the ocean & the weather can be very unpredictable, I slept like a baby during our travels knowing I was in very good hands with Beto and Gilberto at the helm.

It is a nice trip with all the excellent crew members from the first moment we boarded then the crew members gave champagne to everyone. During the dive, first couple days people do not really know each other but after a couple of dives, I feel like we are a family.

Divemasters helped us find the things we wanted. We said we wanted to see a whale shark and Gato landed us at the top of the whale shark and we had fun with a whale shark and it is the first time I saw a whale shark underwater. We played with whale sharks three times and I really enjoy the time. After two days of dive, we only see one or two hammerheads but not a school of them. We asked our divemaster Keoni we want to see hammerhead and we made a dive plan to make everyone happy. He showed people if they want manta, stay this way and hammerhead another way, we went out to the blue to try to find hammerhead for 20 mins and Keoni is so focused and finally, we saw one hammerhead and I can feel he is relief from it. But we still keep looking and finally, he showed me the hammerhead sign and I swam close to him but I could not see anything and I just kept swim and finally pass all the fish and I saw hundreds of hammerheads and that is amazing and that is best dive experience I had in this trip. I did not know how could Keoni find the hammerhead but we swam really far away and I really appreciated what he did for us. Mirko is fun to dive with and the first day I was following all the rules and no chasing and I saw he can swim with manta really good and he showed me just how to make a connection with manta and swim with them. His speech for manta 101 is also amazing and I got to know manta really well. The crew members always fed us good food before the dive and after the dive. Cat and Favi provide good food and drinks to us and always help us to get a drink to our table so we can enjoy the meal better. This is definitely a fantastic experience and I felt a lot of love from the crew members to us and also my dive buddies.

– Sophia

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