For Many of Us, This Is a Dream Come True

We are on our way to Guadalupe Island to have an adventure with the great white sharks. It is an exciting atmosphere on board, and how not? For many of us, this is a dream come true.

On our last trip, we had so many sharks, it was amazing every day, sharks were everywhere, jumping out of the water and crossing in front of the cages, doing eye contact with the divers.

Something that makes me very happy about the last trip was one very special six-year-old young lady that join us on the trip, it was so beautiful to see the joy and the wonder on her face, I am sure this is the perfect way of teaching our new generations to preserve and conserve marine life, I am sure it was the trip of a lifetime for her and also for me.

I am incredibly thankful to be on my way back to the best place in the world to admire these beautiful creatures. Guadalupe, there we go!

  • Mariane Garron Divemaster onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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