We Observe the Predator and Its Prey Just Swimming in Front of the Cages Together

Today we got to see two unlikely dive buddies swimming and playing together.

Here at Guadalupe Island, the main attraction are, of course, the great white sharks! But we get to see much more than that on our trips. Sometimes on the way, we can see humpback whales traveling and big pods of dolphins. And by the island, there are a lot of mackerels and yellowtail jacks fighting for bites of the tuna bait. Also big yellowfin tuna hunting on the smaller fish.

But our favorites are the turtles and the Sea Lions. That’s right, here we observe the predator and its prey just swimming in front of the cages together. Of course, the sea lions are always on the lookout and would never swim in front of the sharks!! But to the observing divers, they just look like two buddies swimming around our boat!

  • Divemaster Jessie, Switzerland onboard the Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Crew

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