At The Boiler Only Your Tank Is the Limit

What is round, blue, 30 meters tall, and makes the mantas dance? – THE BOILER. Welcome to one of the most incredible water experiences you can imagine. Only 10 minutes into the dive we are surrounded by six mantas, hugging and high-fiving us. There is rarely a more remarkable experience than one of these gentle giants slowly approaching you from the deep blue, spanning her wings and heading towards you. But it’s only when she is flying an arm’s length above your head and looks you right in the eye that you feel like you are in a dream. Her eyes have seen so much of the ocean and are now gently checking you out while she passes preparing to slowly turn and come back. The sky is the limit but at THE BOILER only your tank is the limit.

  • Nikolai, Germany onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

By Nautilus Guests

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