Captain’s Noon Reports – Belle Amie – 2022-01-21

Location: Roca Partida

Weather: Clear Skies, NW Wind (8-10kts), Swell (1-3ft)

We finished two more dives at Roca Partida yesterday afternoon. Surface conditions continued to build throughout the day, with pretty aggressive seas at 6-7′ by dive number four. The action was pretty mild below the surface, but guests really enjoyed the site, though only 10 wanted to make dive number 4. In the end when I let them know we decided to move toward Socorro for the next day they were happy about it. We got underway before dark and so were able to keep the bow into the seas and the ride comfortable during dinner. Once we turned onto our heading toward’s Tosca the ride was a bit beamy, but not so rough as to be a problem.

We arrived here this morning at 0600 and anchored in very calm conditions. The first two dives have been fantastic. Visibility is over 100 feet and wildlife is here to play. On dive one divers saw a large tiger shark, three mantas, and dolphins, as well as some hammerheads. Dive two had at least two friendly mantas and more tiger shark sightings. The guests are loving the topography and the calm boardings.

We will complete one more dive here then move to the navy base for inspection before ending the day with a silky snorkel at Pearce.

Water temperature: 77°F

Visibility: 100ft+

  • Captain Jon Shephard

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