It’s Such an Unexpected Dive Site Where We Never Know What We Can Expect

I love going to Punta Tosca, it’s such an unexpected dive site where we never know what we can expect and even best we the big animals don’t show up I still think it’s one of the best topographic dive sites. I like taking my time to explore it really slow into the reef paying good attention also to the macro.

I have to say that our group was not lucky to see the dolphins there, only one group could play with them at the depth of the first lava finger while the rest of us just heard the dolphins without having a clue where that sound was coming from. But it didn’t matter that much because as we were still going deeper getting close to ninety feet at the end of the finger we took a pause floating and paying good attention around us, I knew in my heart that something great was about to show up. Max was near me and the rest of the team still seeking in the reef. Forty feet above our head I believe a baby whale shark was passing, as that can be the first impression when a big shark is not really easy to recognize, but finally I see the wide mouth and stripes as it changes the direction, it was the biggest tiger shark I have ever seen at Revillagigedo!

Now I’m waiting for the next trip to Punta Tosca to look for this animal. Excellent day.

  • Divemaster Martin Ferruggiaro onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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