I’ve Always Admired and Appreciated Their Dedication to Safety

Nautilus boats are beautiful, even luxurious. I’ve always admired and appreciated their dedication to safety. I’ve witnessed, over nearly two decades, the boats constantly being improved and updated, at all levels. The quality of the crew was unequaled. Truly. But, most of all, the Nautilus family is what I appreciate the most. Dealing with every type of curveball that inevitably comes with travel and with diving or with sunny, perfect, days of diving, equally, with good humor and professionalism. Beyond that, the crews on the Nautilus boats are a tight family unit, they genuinely care for each other, which shows in their work and the overall results of each trip. It is really cool to feel a part of that family, with open arms, each and every time I come on the boats.

As per usual, this trip checked off all of the above. Great shark and manta action! The guests were great. The crew is amazing. The family in place…and expanded, once again, by 18 grateful guests. Thank you!

  • Cindy Rhodes, Santa Barbara, California onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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