What a Lifetime Dive

We are leaving the Belle Amie on the skiff deciding where to jump and get the best of the dive site. This group of divers is amazing and exciting. We start going down waiting for every diver to equalize smoothly and checking they are ok. I feel the current mild into my eyes and we decide to stay for a while holding to a rock. It’s not uncommon to have current here but after ten minutes it slows down and we decide to go on and explore more the area. We head to the southwest of the lava finger on the outside and we see a giant school of hammerheads as never before. The group stays together and steadily pays attention while these 60 hammerheads circle the area and come close to us like dolphins playing often. They stayed with us for 20 minutes so peaceful and like our friends. At the same time, a family of dolphins is coming to the area. Some of the divers are running short on-air while everything is just getting started better and better. We have to go on and finish the dive reaching the surface and many of them shouting nowhere because they were so happy that couldn’t believe what they just have seen. What a lifetime dive.

  • Divemaster Xavier onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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