Our Last Dive at Cabo Pearce Was Epic

The crossing from Cabo San Lucas just started, it’s nighttime and we see the bay lights every time farther away but also we start feeling closer to the paradise of the mantas and dolphins. Divers can’t wait until the following day until we start telling stories about the different dive stops. A lot they have heard and seen about it and that makes the expectations higher. This time an amazing group of really happy Portuguese divers told us all the many dives they had around the globe and some American divers who have already been with us many times still very impatient on getting into the water. We have been these five days enjoying really much and fortunately, our last dive at Cabo Pearce was epic. The first dive with a mild current that kept us quiet on a protected area brought us so many friendly mantas and a two times giant black manta with a small school of hammerheads was trying to avoid our bubbles. Some of the rebreather divers move away from us to keep them closer. But still, the best was coming on the second dive with a rare big big big school of hammerheads, but this time they wanted to stay with the divers among the bubbles. They circle the divers around not shy at all for half an hour. This is something that we have never seen here with this kind of shark while the mantas around us wanted to stay longer with us. Suddenly a group of dolphins appears to give us the best of the best al Cabo Pearce.

Another excellent trip at the Belle Amie.

  • Divemaster Martin Ferruggiaro onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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