Thank You, Ocean

I don’t think there are any words to describe our latest experience on the Nautilus UnderSea.

I started diving 13 years ago as I’ve always loved the water and exploring new things. Nature, animals, and landscapes have always been feeding my soul whereas cities fill another need of curiosity and cultures but end up being very toxic and oppressive for me. We get to see the best and the worst of the human race in one condensed environment.

Being immersed in an environment like Revillagigedo connects me way more to nature and makes me realize what matters in my life and what doesn’t.

It’s a beautiful morning in Roca Partida, the sky is clear, the night sky settles down to let space to the beautiful vibrant colors of another wonderful sunrise. Everybody’s as sad as excited for our last day of diving but all of us are very eager to go underwater and enjoy this last day of a great connection with the ocean.

As soon as we drop down, we start hearing whales singing and being cradled by the surge along the rock, it already feels like a very poetic dream. As we turn around the massive formation coming up from the depths, a massive dark shadow appears in the blue. I first wonder, is that the boat so close to us? What is that dark shade over there? As we get closer, we realize we all are facing a massive humpback whale with its little cub. Imagine that feeling, realizing you’re hovering in front of such a mystical animal and being able to watch it with all the time in the world.

We did 4 dives in this wonderful location and in all of the dives, we get to observe different behaviors of life in all its forms. The mother is teaching the baby how to hover, how to breathe, hold her position, play, and even jump out of the water.

Every time the baby would come back from the surface, it would go under mama’s belly for either cuddles, kisses, or comfort.

This is pure love and passion. How can we want to keep living in a world-destroying our nature and all its life in the name of profit and technology? This dive will change many people’s lives and perceptions.

Thank you, ocean.

  • Divemaster JC onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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