We Had a Magical Encounter with a Couple of Special Friends

Today marks the final day for our guests aboard the Nautilus Explorer. We had an amazing week of diving around the Socorros Islands with amazing encounters at all of our dive sites. The giant mantas and sharks are the usual stars of the show but this week we had a magical encounter with a couple of special friends. At Roca Partida, a humpback and her calf graced us with their presence for 4 amazing dives. While the mother rested, her calf swam up and down to the surface for air. Both mother and calf seemed quite comfortable with all the divers in the water. The calf at first was a bit shy but later started inspecting these strange humans swimming close by. It was a truly amazing experience to share the water with these incredible animals. Our guests had the dives of their lives this week, as well did all the guides.

  • Divemaster Rimas onboard the Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Crew

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