It’s Not Only About Diving

We are at Socorro Island today on the Nautilus Belle Amie and diving Cabo Pearce. It’s an amazing dive site with a thrilling topography. It’s a narrow very long lava finger with sheer walls on both sides, the finger itself as a nice smooth slope into the depth. You never gonna find the end of the finger! Cabo Pearce has 2 prominent cleaning stations, even if you could say the entire shallower part of Cape Pearce is a cleaning station. Lots of Clarion Angelfishes and all types of cleaner fishes (lots of reef fishes are cleaners in a period of their life). We hit the water of the Pacific and sink into the blue. We don’t have to wait long and the first manta shows up, watching us from far, but rapidly comes closer, driven by curiosity. Then mantas seemed to pop out of the depth, like fireworks in the night sky, I can’t really say how much we saw, but I would guess between five and seven for sure. They come close, circling, enjoying the bubbles, investigating us, making eye to eye contact, for the glimpse of a moment you feel connected to this uncommon, amazing, and not really understood creature, it feels like your mindset is shifting, drifting… and then it stops and the feeling of understanding shades … just to come again with the next manta that allows you to swim with her for another moment… and your mind shifts away again!

Those creatures make you feel humble, make you feel blessed, and show you how humans are capable of peaceful and respectful interaction with “other minds”.

I am more than convinced that for some of our guests this dive was a game-changer, a pivoting experience in their life. Welcome to Revillagigedo… it’s the blast to dive here. It’s not only about diving. At night guests are sitting on the sundeck with a glass of wine and sharing their adventures and magic moments of the day, all that under the milky way. The night sky here is magical, no light pollution… on a clear night, you see it all, constellations, Milky Way, shooting stars, satellites, name it! A nice little detail here, on our latitude you can see Polaris in the North and the Southern Cross in the South.

All in all Revillagigedo with Nautilus is a thrilling, amazing, and mind-blowing adventure that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Divemaster Pascal onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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