We Had a Whale of a Time

Where to begin – we had a whale of a time. Scrap that, we had whales (plural) for a LONG time. More specifically, a mama humpback whale and her calf for a full hour; mama chilling and baby breaching and diving, causing all types of mischief. Whilst this was, understandably, a real highlight of the trip (so far!), let’s not forget that on the same day, at the same site, we had already had a bloody fin-tastic dive: a whopping great yellowfin tuna and Galapagos sharks hunting a giant ball of bonitas whilst we formed the precarious center-piece. A better school of divemasters and crew is frankly incon-sea-vable. Anyway, we´ll bring this tail to an end, with enormous thanks to the crew for really going overboard (not literally); they could not be doing more for us under the sea or above.

Best fishes,

  • Jess Hsuan and Kerry Webster, London onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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