We Saw Everything

Okay, so on the day 1 check-out dives we saw mantas, then we saw more mantas. The day ended with a fine meal of tacos & beer on the sun deck. Amazing.

On day 2 we spent 4 dives on the Canyon around the cleaning station. Dive 1 and 2 we thought were amazing. But the 3rd dive was probably the best dive I have ever experienced. We saw everything, it was Shark City, a big Galapagos, and Blacktips, and later two big mantas buzzed us and then hammerheads in the last minutes.

The entire crew and boat are fantastic. The focus on safety is really part of the routines. Which makes you feel even better.

Oh yes, and we had 2 amazing presentations from Rodo on the Park and the underwater wildlife.

Err….and YES we all still have 4, or is it 5 days to go !!! 🙂

  • Paul & Thomas onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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