Just Don’t Tell My Mom

Silky snorkel is awesome! One of the best experiences. Soo many sharks that got soo close.

  • Morgan onboard the Nautilus Explorer

The silky snorkel was something else! This whole trip we’ve had a lot of fun each evening and even some afternoons counting how many silkies start hanging out around our boat, but tonight was on another level! It seemed that the longer we were in the water, the bolder the sharks got with us. One even swam right through the middle of our tight group of snorkelers! Just don’t tell my mom. She’s not a fan of sharks and warned me against silkies in particular in the past! Haha! After we got out we got to watch the silkies hunt flying fish, and a dolphin even joined in on the action!

Other highlights of the day include manta rays (of course), some really cool reef structures created by lava flows, and getting to see two whales breaching repeatedly from the boat!

  • Gavin onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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