This Dive It Was like Being in a Dream

We started the last dive of the day with not much expectation and we had unbelievable macro dive in Socorro! We saw a frogfish which we rarely see here, lots of nudis, and lots of small stuff that we usually don’t pay too much attention to it. As the dive went to the end current picked up. The last 20 min. of our dive, we saw three hammerheads quite close! One was very big like a mama with two babies. Then a giant manta that we enjoyed his visit. Current made us drift into the blue and our bottom time was getting low as our air. So we started to go up and the dive guide deployed the SMB. We saw lots of fish and at the end of the dive we were in our safety stop and we saw something big white and we were like … like what is that? l.. like in a dream and we saw the whales passing by and it was so amazing! Three humpback whales, two adults, and a calf.

Now I’m looking forward to the pasta dinner. In this dive, we had everything… like in a dream.

  • Alessandra, Switzerland onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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