Multiple Mantas on Every Dive

This was manta diving as I had always imagined it to be. Multiple mantas on every dive and dive two and three were especially amazing! We saw as many as four at a time, sometimes circling around each other, and passing right through our group of divers, getting just outside arms reach. What a feeling with the size and the majesty!

Dive 3 was my 300th dive, and what a dive it was! Outside of everything I already mentioned, we got to see a manta breach from underwater! What an amazing sight to see those huge creatures pick up so much speed that they can clear the water!

Other fun stuff was a dolphin chasing a big school of fish on dive 1, several big sharks including hammerheads, a barracuda, a silhouette of a sea turtle, and a school of tuna passing by!

  • Gavin onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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