I Had a Lot of Firsts

I just spent an amazing week on the Undersea Hunter in Revillagigedo (Socorro) and I had a lot of firsts. This is the first dive trip that I´ve seen a manta on Every Single Dive I went on. This is the first time I danced with Bottlenosed dolphins. This is the first dive trip I’ve been able to see schooling Hammerhead, Silky, Galapagos, White tip, and Silvertip sharks all at the same dive site.

The mantas on these islands are special creatures. I’ve visited Yap and Kona and enjoyed the manta experiences there, however, these mantas stand out because they are just so accessible and friendly. They showed a great deal of curiosity and engagement with all the divers. I’ve never felt had a dive where a manta swam up to me, looked me in the eye, and hung out with me for the entire duration of the dive. It made for a truly magical and special experience.

  • Patti Wey, Los Angeles, CA, onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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