Now I Can Say I’ve Been to the Whole Archipelago!

Of all the trips I’ve done to this archipelago this one was exceptional, going for the first time to Clarion was amazing! From the moment we were navigating until we saw the island we were surrounded by dolphins, whales, different bird species, and a view totally new to me (and a few other crew members!) I was already stoked about being there.

Diving was very cool! totally new dive sites, turtles! It’s not that common for us to see turtles so that was nice! Plus juvenile Galapagos and silver tips, they were curious about us, we were curious about them.

And dolphins! Diving with dolphins makes everything be worth it, but Clarion dolphins were definitely not used to divers, the way they interact with divers is totally different! Small pods of them, but very playful, going around divers, on the safety stops, at 30mts deep, all over the place.

I’m just so happy to have had the chance of going to Clarion, now I can say I’ve been to the whole archipelago!!!!!

  • Divemaster Annie onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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