Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2022-05-05

Location: Cerralvo Channel

Weather: Clear Skies, N Wind (5kts), Light Swell (1ft)

Started off in the RHIB at 0730 and pretty quickly came across a big pod of common dolphins. We enjoyed a nice show from the boat with the dolphins, then left them to go snorkel with a school of 1-200 mobulas that were jumping nearby. Turned out to be a very friendly group of mobulas and the guests spent an hour and a half snorkeling with them, barely moving to keep up as they just circled and circled the snorkelers. We also came across a mom and calf humpback which we watched from the surface for a short time. Before lunch, we encountered another whale, a lone gray whale heading south. We paralleled him for about an hour and got a few good looks each time it came up to breath. That encounter ended when the pod of common dolphins returned and distracted me like a ball of yarn would a cat. The RHIB carried on following the gray whale for a little while, but it was not interested in any close encounters.
Around 1230 the guests came back onboard for a break and some lunch and that’s when our pilot Katie and naturalist Scarlett reported a whale shark further north from our position. So, we are heading that way now with the RHIB in tow while the guests eat and rest. The flight crew are in re-fueling and will meet us back up at the last known position of the whale shark.

Had a good dive at La Reina yesterday and then another excellent mobula encounter before dark along the coast at Cerralvo, with thousands of mobulas cruising around the snorkelers, who said it was the best encounter of the trip so far.

Water temperature: 77°F

Visibility: 100ft

  • Captain Gordon

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