One of Those Moments That Will Remain in Our Memories Forever!

The sun was getting closer to the horizon. And the closer it got, it seemed the more active the whales were. We didn’t know where to look, fin whales were all around us. After spending more than 1-hour cruising around the bay of La Paz with them, we stopped the engines, jumped in the water, and float on the glassy flat sea surface without a single noise but the constant breathing of the whales in the distance. All of it, while the sun was getting lost behind the western mountains of La Paz. We were 10 people in the water and there were moments where we all were in complete silence valuing one of those moments that will remain in our memories forever!

The joys of the Sea of Cortez are endless, and this trip is the perfect way to live it!

  • David Serradell, In-house Photographer.

By Nautilus Staff

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