Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2022-05-20

Location: Cerralvo Channel

Weather: Clear Skies, WSW Wind (10-15kts), Swell (1ft)

Today we are in the Cerralvo channel and San Lorenzo channel into the southern bay of La Paz.

Strong winds last night and this morning, starting to drop out now but was nice down towards El Saltito and south to la Ventana.

Yesterday we had good activity in the afternoon, the RHIB went to the water again at 16:45 to look at two Fin whales spotted by Katie, sightseeing a little bit with them and just after that we found a great pod of false killer whales, therefore we finished the day with a good snorkel activity with them and guests were so happy taking some photos, visibility was about 10 feet and no current, good weather conditions. We also had the false killers playing in the wake of the Gallant Lady which made for a great photo op.

This morning we found three different pods of bottlenose dolphins including a big pod hunting in Bahia La Ventana. Also a school of a few hundred mobulas near El Saltito. The airplane searched all the Cerralvo channel and around the entire island but no orcas in that area. This afternoon plane will be back up east of Espiritu Santo and the southern bay of La Paz search.

  • Captain Gordon Kipp

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