Best. Day. Ever.

I came back to Revillagigedo Islands to see the elusive whale shark. Last year the weather did not permit us to go to Roca Partida, so I was determined to come back and see the best dive site, probably in the world.

The days in Roca Partida started with dolphins galore, and I saw up to five mantas at one time. There were also Galapagos, white tips, and silver tips in abundance. However, I was looking for one thing. On the second day in Roca Partida, I willed to the universe to see a whale shark. Three dives in and plenty of mantas, and lots of krill and other small food particles in the water. I knew the odds were good to see a whale shark. Upon negative entry on the last dive, I looked down and saw it. A whale shark. I was excited, my heart was pounding in happiness, I used 1500psi so fast. I told myself to calm down or I would use my air fast. The whale shark circled Roca Partida five times during our dive with such grace and effortless swimming. BEST. DAY. EVER. –

  • Rachel Arneson, Idaho onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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