Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady – 2022-05-30

Location: La Ventana

Weather: Clear Skies, SE Wind (15kts), SE Swell (2-3ft)

We had a great morning of snorkeling with schooling mobulas. There were so many schools in La Ventana this morning that we could have snorkeled with any number of them. The first one we chose was the closest to the boat and it was stationary and consisted of probably a few hundred mobulas, often crossing paths with other schools in the area. The guests spent pretty much two full hours with that school. This morning when I came up at 0600 the boat was surrounded by a school of mobulas that were feeding on the krill attracted to the light. Good place for the night snorkel/dive option right now.

After our hot breakfast, we did a dive at Punta Arena de La Ventana at “the notch”. Everyone loved it, and the divers even found a seahorse!

This afternoon we will meet Katie, Scarlett, and Scout in the Bay of La Paz to look for animals bigger than seahorses.

Yesterday afternoon was excellent. We snorkeled with a big whale shark east of Espiritu Santo island and when we finished with that we found a school of mobulas and spent at least an hour snorkeling with them. All spotted by Katie and Scout.

  • Captain Gordon Kipp

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