Life This past Week Has Been Beyond Words

How do you write about the best week ever? From dolphins that danced with us to the graceful mantas that circled us to the whale shark that decided we were worthy of it, life this past week has been beyond words.

Socorro has been on my dive bucket list for a few years now and I am so glad that not only was I able to finally come to witness the magic here but that I was able to do it on the Undersea Hunter. The boat itself has anything you could ever need for a dive vacation without being overly large but a boat isn’t a boat without a crew. It is so incredibly clear just how well this crew works together, cares about our safety as divers and beyond all else just wants everyone to have fun. I will without a doubt be back but until then my memories from this past week will serve me well. Here at Socorro, every dive was an adventure and you simply didn’t know where to look most of the time! The dolphins though, dancing with the dolphins will forever be one of my favorite dives in the world.

  • Sydney Peterson, New York onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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