My Wife and Dive Buddy Are Already Talking About Planning Another Trip with Nautilus

We are headed back to port. I did not know what to expect on my first liveaboard trip, but any expectations that did float around in my head were far exceeded. Every person on the staff was fantastic, helpful, thoughtful, and kind. They even noticed that I was also interested in the nonmarine life of the region and offered to take me on a skiff around the small islands so I could get some photographs of the birds, as well as the seals and sea lions basking on the shores. One trip was only the group of three I came with and another time completely by myself. Despite a busy schedule, they made doing all of this possible without missing a dive. The diving was also fantastic. A few dives with very playful sea lions and fur seals, an incredible amount of interesting fish, eels, rays, snails, nudibranchs, shrimp, etc… Oh I didn’t mention we started our trip by snorkeling with sperm whales and mobula rays!

My only concern with this trip is that the food was so great that I may have to step up my workout routine when I get home. We were supposed to go to Guadalupe for a bucket list trip, but it turns out we got one anyway. My wife and dive buddy are already talking about planning another trip with Nautilus and wondering if we can figure out a way to get the same ship crew. Kudos to all the staff including the people in the office who made our transition from the shark trip to the Sea of Cortez smooth and easy, including their help in finding and getting deals on hotels and more diving before and after the liveaboard. I cannot wait for my next trip with Nautilus.

  • Neil DeMaster, New Jersey, USA onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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