People Coming for the First Liveaboard Will Get Spoiled

I was looking to dive during the summer, something not as expensive as going to Indonesia and short so I won’t be away from home for long. I think people can take this trip and have a taste of what can see in Socorro. The underwater formations are similar and potentially can see mantas and sharks.

The service on the Explorer is so good. People coming for the first liveaboard will get spoiled. This trip has been fantastic. I’m so happy. The sperm whales were incredible. Also, I’ve never been with sea lions and I got a hug from one of them! I’ve never dived in water so warm and it’s fantastic and has been a different experience.

Marine life is very nice. It’s different from what I normally see in the Caribbean. It was really impressive to see during a night dive morays hunting. They are very blind and can pass by a fish and not notice it unless the fish moves. We saw it happening and I got it on film!

  • Andrew, USA onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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