We Had Such a Jaws-Some Experience

This trip was a trip of a lifetime!!! We saw an endless supply of sharks, mantas, breaching whales, and even several dolphins. I’ve been around whales for quite some time, but I have never seen a breach, and we saw a mother-calf breach multiple times between our dives and even cruised by our skiff after one of the dive groups saw them underwater. We had such a JAWS-some experience.

There’s just some-FIN amazing about seeing a mother whale and calf interact the whole day we spent anchored. My most memorable experience was all of the interactions between humans and mantas. They were so incredibly playful and curious about the divers and came incredibly close to us and they did barrel rolls around us with other mantas.

We’ve already started looking into other trips from Nautilus and especially on the beautifully maintained Belle Amie. The salon was warm and inviting and offered plenty to do. They supplied books, board games, etc. The dining area was always clean and stocked with all of the hot sauces you could possibly need. The dive deck was cleaned and properly maintained every day. The tanks were filled quickly and you were ready to go as soon as the time for the next dive came around. The sundeck was clean and a nice place to lounge between dives and even warm up in the spa. Our group is excited about getting home to plan the next trip with Nautilus.

  • Byron Tran from Hanford, California onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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