What a Week!

This was my third Nautilus Liveaboard trip and perhaps the one I was most looking forward to. Although I got to see an entire Great White Shark breach from head to tail in the air in Guadalupe, and a pod of orcas kill and EAT a whale shark in the Sea of Cortez, I had always wanted to see the giant mantas, dolphins, and hammerheads at Socorro. And the trip did not disappoint: Over the course of the week, we saw perhaps a dozen giant mantas, swam several times with pods of dolphins, and saw many hammerheads, and even a whale shark. And scores of other sharks, giant tuna, huge schools of jacks, and the largest lobsters I have ever seen. And even though I missed it, others in our group came face to face with a tiger shark! What a week!

  • Dan Hsieh onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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