Best Wishes to All the Lucky Divers Who Get To Bathe in the Luxury Experience.

Having been fortunate enough to experience a variety of liveaboard experiences in various locations around the globe, I can only say WOW when it comes to my trip on the Nautilus Explorer!

The craft was spotless and perfectly equipped for a safe and very comfortable journey, every imaginable detail was attended to for every passenger, and the food…oh yes, the food… I would put the culinary experience I had on the ship up against some of the best of the high-end restaurants I have dined in. Second to none.

While I could spend a few pages raving about each and every crew member on board the craft, I will say succinctly that the Nautilus Explorer crew are all at the top of their profession, and to have all top players in one location, functioning seamlessly to create a 100% perfect customer experience is as rare as it was appreciated. Bravo!

The diving was beautiful, the site lectures were 100% accurate, entertaining, and well done. The health of the marine life everywhere we went was also strong, with MANY large animal experiences, including chasing a frisky fin whale and multiple pods of dolphins. Sea life is at its best.

Hats off to the entire organization, the crew of the Nautilus Explorer, and best wishes to all the lucky divers who get to bathe in the luxury experience.

Respectfully submitted,

  • Peter, Prescott AZ onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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