We completed just one more afternoon dive yesterday at San Pedro Martir. We had gotten behind schedule because of trips in the RHIB to see dolphins before and after both morning dives. Dive three was at the NE corner of the islanD at the arroyo. Good black corals and the small invertibrates that the guests had enjoyed in the morning. After dive three on the way back to the Lady the guests were able to see a baby sea lion nursing. Some good pictures came back from that one. since we had some daylight left over we got underway to make a cruise around the island to see if we could find any more marine mammals. We spotted a large group of dolphins to the north and had some very good acrobatics from them as we cruised by. Nothing larger than the dolphins though. Guests were very happy with the day overall. Following the afternoon/evening cruise we returned to anchor at the same spot we had used for the day.

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