So many fish made the day look like night

Is a beautiful day in La Reina, weather is incredible, clear skies no wind, flat ocean, water temperature is 82F same as air, underwater the current was moderate in first dive then dying on the second dive, visibility averages 75Ft, loads of fish, three friendly turtles, the sea lions hunting on what we think are green jacks, divemaster pascal says he went under the school and daylight became night so many fish they block the light, in first dive and while doing safety stop me in skiff saw a pod of dolphins I went to run around with skiff to try and bring the dolphins to the divers and this time it worked and divers got to spend 20 minutes with constant dolphin action, guests were really happy and want more.

Noon report, Beto, 31 Oct 2022, Nautilus Undersea

By Nautilus Crew

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