It Is So Exciting to Get a Group of Enthusiastic Divers and Jump in the Water to Find the Unknown

Today we dove into some new spots at Isla Montserrat in the Sea of Cortez. It is so exciting to get a group of enthusiastic divers and jump in the water to find the unknown.

We dove the north end at some islets. The visibility was spectacular and the temperature was around 86F.
We found a very interesting topography with lots of gorgonians and sea fans. Abundant fish such as sergeant major, Chromis, parrot fish, and different types of wrasses.

In the afternoon we moved to the sound end near the lighthouse and we were in the middle of a big school of fish, they were everywhere (literally was like being in an aquarium). Later on, we heard in the distance the clicks and noises of dolphins. Not too long later we were the center of attention and excitement of this pod of 20-30 dolphins that were completely curious about us, checking us out while we sat on the sandy bottom and watch them back for long 20 minutes.

  • Divemaster Juan David onboard Nautilus Gallant Lady

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