This Morning We Had a Magical Encounter with Two Oceanic Manta Rays

I miss them so much. I did not know how much I needed my session of manta love till today. This morning we had a magical encounter with two oceanic manta rays at La Reina Lighthouse north of Cerralvo Island, For several moments I felt I was in Socorro. We were at the canyon of the dive site enjoying the sea lions when the manta started coming towards the site from the blue. It was a chevron male and it decided to stop and circle us around very slowly. Looking at all the divers of the group. It was an epic moment because for all of the group was their first time watching a manta ray and they could have a close and special encounter. Then towards the end of the dive, a black morph manta show up and swam with us all the time till the end of the dive including the safety stop. Visibility of 20 meters, the water temperature of 29 C, Californian sea lions, a school of machetes, jacks, Cortez barracuda, and two oceanic mantas. Another amazing dive at La Reina in the Sea of Cortez.

  • Divemaster Celina, onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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