Merry Sharkmas and a Fintastic new year

I wish you a merry Sharkmas, I wish you a merry Sharkmas and a Fintastic new year….
Another magical trip sadly ends again. This trip was literally the X-Mas edition. The eastern Pacific Ocean had loads of gifts for us under the tree. Not one wish had been forgotten.
I just gonna give you the wish list that came true. We saw all kind of common and not so common sharks, beginning with White Tip Reef Sharks, Black Tip Sharks, Silky Sharks, Silver Tip Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, Schools of Hammerhead Sharks, Tiger Sharks, may be even Dusky Sharks and from the distance one group was even able to see a Whale Shark. Hell Yeah, its correct we had the luck to see 8 or 9 species of sharks in 5 dive days and we saw all of them several times (less the Whale Shark). It’s an amazing range of different species that the Archipelago of Revillagigedo has to offer. Not a lot of places in the world offers this opportunity.
We saw pelagic fishes, like Yellowfin Tunas, solitary big ones, talking about easy 200 pound fishes and big schools of smaller specimens. We could observe a good amount of Wahoos and here I am not sure if we saw Skipjacks or Bonitos because they look very similar.
We got surprised by a little pod of Dolphins, a real Christmas surprise for our guests.
And we were so lucky to see Pelagic Mantas every day of the trip. Sometimes very interactive, playful and friendly, sometimes going into the cleaning station to get cleaned or feeding on plankton, doing what Mantas do… It is nice to observe both behavior, the highly curious and investigative behavior and the natural feeding and cleaning behavior. 
Obviously we saw also all the species of ornamental and schooling fishes that the Islands have to offer, loads of different species of schooling Jacks, like, Cotton Mouth Jacks, Black Jacks, Big Eye Jacks, Steel Pompanos, Rainbow Runners, Trevallies, Snappers, You name it! 
We had excellent food, I like especially our Taco Night on the Sundeck. Especially when we can share recent and old adventures with people that have the same mindset, pelagic animal lovers, shark addicts, dive fanatics or just modern pirates.
And all that surrounded by jurassic looking volcanic islands in the middle of nowhere, extremely remote and disconnected from the world with the most beautiful sunsets and the most mind blowing star filled night sky…

If that sounds like a Christmas dream coming true… Then Revillagigedo, aka Socorro Island is the new North Pole.
Want to visit Santas home in 2023.
We might be able to fulfill your dream wishlist.

Submitted By Divemaster Pascal

By Nautilus Crew

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