The Power of Relaxation

I strongly believed that relaxed people are more precise and usually more focused. When you enter into a room the more relaxed person is the center of attention. Is the same underwater. Relaxed and comfortable divers call the attention of animals especially of Oceanic Manta Rays. These animals, also sharks, are sensitive to the electric field produced by active animal muscles, like us!. Today in Cabo Pearce the mantas were so relaxed. Seeing them being cleaned by the Clarion Angel Fish it is like the definition of relaxation. On this dive there was one manta that was so relaxed being cleaned that when the dolphins show up, she was the center of the attention. The dolphins were cruising and when they passed by the manta the stopped observing her how relaxed and pleasant she was. MAGICAL moments that we are living here in CABO PEARCE this season!

Submitted by Divemaster Celina

By Nautilus Crew

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