Incredible and Abundant Marine

The sea of Cortez is well known as the aquarium of the world. Famous for schooling mobulas and big fish such as marlins, dorados, tunas, skip jacks, groupers, and snappers.

Many people come to swim, dive and watch ocean mammals like dolphins, sea lions, and of course whales!
But there’s more, way more to see for a patient and observer eye; the reefs hide an incredible and abundant marine life that normally is not visible to many people. In our trips to the sea of Cortez, we take our divers and underwater photographers to discover a world of small and incredible creatures such as nudibranchs, sea horses, frogfish, blennies, gobies, crabs, shrimps, and more! Macro diving is one of the highlights of the Sea of Cortez and we love it as much as the megafauna!

Divemaster Juan David onboard Nautilus Gallant Lady

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