Mind-blowing ROCA

Roca Partida from the surface to underwater has been mind-blowing. A Rock in the middle of the blue full of life. Full of sharks. The place looked unreal. We did 3 dives in this spot and it never got boring. The formations and coral was something Ihave never seen. And the variety of sealife was a lot.Our divemaster was great at spotting the best we could see. We spotted since our first dive, hundred silver tips sharks , Galapagos sharks, hammerheads sharks, white tip sharks. Caves with lots of whitetip sharks resting. It was like shark wonderland . Besides the amazing sharks, we spotted massive yellow fin tunas, all sort of jacks & a couple of octopus. 

Report by guest . Candelaria (Worldchampion- viva Messi) aboard Nautilus Undersea

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