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The way the staff cared for me and looked after me, made a world of difference.

“I started out my trip with a bit of sea sickness and while that was horrible, the way the staff cared for me and looked after me made a world of difference. Pascal and Iris watched over me and helped me with medication so that I could bounce back and make my dives. At each turn, they were checking on me and making sure I was doing okay. I would have never expected this level of service, but they truly went above and beyond. I was scared I wouldn’t be well and I would miss all my dives, but thanks to the entire crew of the Nautilus, I made all of my dives and ended up having a great rest of the trip. Also, a big shoutout to Dani! Dani is an amazing dive guide and instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed diving with him. He is a wealth of knowledge and your company is lucky to have him. Thank you Nautilus for taking care of me and making sure I got the most out of my vacation.”

Seth Colorado, USA

For more than a week, we were on another planet. A blue planet.

“What an incredible adventure from the beginning until the end. For more than a week, we were on another planet. A blue planet. We were surrounded by Silvertips, we fell in love with one look in the eyes of these beautiful “flying” mantas, we were followed by hammerheads, got surprised by a tiger shark, and played around with dolphins,… Every dive was an adventure where at the end we were sad we ran out of air…

But we weren’t only spoiled by the underwater world. We had a very nice time on our boat “under the sea”. With only 16 divers on board, it was easy to make new dive friends.

The crew was in one word amazing! Best food ever on a liveaboard, fantastic divemasters, a handy engineer who fixed everything, the best captains who even dived with us, very friendly and skilled skiff drivers, and a very sweet hostess! We saw great teamwork among the staff on board. Everybody was always ready to help or to answer questions. Nothing we asked was too much. Their positivity gave energy to the whole group.

Now we leave this wonderful blue planet but in our minds, we are already dreaming of the next trip with Nautilus! All aboard!!!!”

Lobke, Deinze (Belgium)

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