Guests Sensational Trip of a Lifetime

Don’t miss out on a taking a chance for a trip of your lifetime! Come aboard us at Nautilus Dive Adventures!

This has been a sensational trip to Revillagigedo. A trip of a lifetime for most of our guests. Some of them have been here before and/or to Guadalupe Island, some waited for 4 years to come, due to Covid. BUT, all say the same, this trip was worth it…1000 times!

Besides diving Socorro Island, one of the biggest satisfaction is to make people happy and show them the wild beauty of Revi. One thing that I like a lot is educating our guests to interact with Mantas and Dolphins, especially, with our Pelagic Mantas. We have the world’s best Manta interaction because of our way of doing it and, obviously, because of the very special correlation of factors that makes the animals here so friendly and interactive.

I don’t want to spoil you, just another little story. On the last day, we had 10 dolphins with a calf playing with us, circling us and pushing the young calf towards us. They were with us for good 10 minutes. Don´t forget, we talking about wild animals, Wild animals, playing with SCUBA divers, its huge.

And guys don´t forget about the Giant Mantas that we see almost every day at almost every dive…

Come and see for yourself, it’s the blast!

I feel blessed to work in Revillagigedo and with Nautilus Liveaboard.

  • Divemaster Pascal onboard Nautilus UnderSea on a trip to Revillagigedo

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