The Best Socorro Trip So Far This 2023 Season

What a trip we are on at the moment. We have been so lucky so far. I would say the best trip I have had of the season so far. We started off with a day in the Canyon. What an amazing start to the trip, four Mantas, lots of sharks around the cleaning station, and a school of hammerheads. On the second day, we went to the Boiler. Four amazing dives around this amazing rock formation. We were surprised with a large pod of Dolphins giving a supreme show during the whole first dive and some more on the second dive of the day. The rest of the day we had lots of friendly mantas and even a tiger shark.

But even though the first two days were awesome, today was by far the best.

We spend the day at Cabo Pearce. On the first dive of the day, we found a giant school of hammerheads, a hundred plus. After looking at them for a while we started swimming back to the shallow part of the reef. We ended up with an amazing manta show. During the whole day, we had six different Mantas on all the dives.

Tomorrow we are staying for another day at Cabo Pearce. Let’s see what we get on our dives tomorrow…

  • Divemaster Stein aboard the Nautilus Explorer on a Socorro trip.

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