Socorro Island: Truly a Paradise for Divers

Socorro Island is part of the Revillagigedo Islands and a popular destination for scuba diving because of its diverse marine life like the large pelagic animals, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, and humpback whales.

Hi everyone! One more time, Socorro Island showed itself as a paradise for divers and marine life lovers. The diving was absolutely amazing, at El Cañon, the action has no stop, we saw big Galapagos sharks and Silvertip sharks swimming around the cleaning station, and we watched a big school of Hammerheads, lots of hammerheads, at least 40 hammerheads coming from the blue with the moderate current.

The Pacific Giant Mantas were very friendly with the divers, and we have them all day at El Cañon. Chevron Mantas and Black Mantas all day patrolling around the cleaning stations and ready to interact with the clarion Angelfish. The Boiler was a wonderful place to watch Black and Chevron Mantas. A couple of bottlenose dolphins were also splashing the surface. Once at Socorro Island, we dove at once at Cabo Pearce. The manta activity was low during the first dive, but even like that, we saw a beautiful Manta Chevron within the shallower zone and a Black Manta showed up at last.

During the day, we saw more Mantas and a bunch of bottlenose dolphins in the area. Punta Tosca was a lot of fun, a Black Manta was swimming around the groups of divers. The entire dive, circling around the divers, enjoying the diver’s bubbles as in a Manta jacuzzi. In the shallow zone, we have seen lots of tropical fish and a green turtle passing by.

We come back to the Boiler and a beautiful Manta Chevron was in the Eastern cleaning station at the 50ft/15 m we head back to El Cañon to find more Galapagos sharks, hammerheads, and silvertip sharks, and the majestic Mantas showed up to say goodbye! The visibility was 50 ft/5 m, to 80 ft/24 m, and the water temperature was 75 ° F to 76 F °. The current we had was mild to moderate current, perfect to have a diversity of marine life! See you next time!

  • Ignacio Hernan Leyro, Scuba Instructor

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