Underwater Adventure in Roca Partida, Socorro Islands

For people who cannot do without a bit of adventure, scuba diving is right up their alley. And to add a bit of spice, there is nothing better than diving with large marine animals for company at a handshaking distance. Get all this and more at Roca Partida, Socorro Islands with our divemaster taking you through the beautiful world of giant manta rays, dolphins, and shark species including whale sharks giving you a slight nudge.

Before going through our latest experience among sea animals, a quick word on Roca Partida, Socorro Islands.

Roca Partida, Socorro Islands

Socorro Islands is often called the Little Galapagos of Mexico because of its unique ecosystem that attracts large pelagic animals. It is a group of four volcanic islands located in the Pacific Ocean about 400km off the southern tip of Baja California. Roca Partida is the smallest reaching a height of 100ft only.  

The archipelago can be compared to the best dive sites in the world such as the Galapagos in Ecuador, Malpelo in Columbia, and more. What sets Socorro apart from the rest is easy accessibility from the Americas and the rest of the world.

What you See in Roca Partida

Divers on the Roca Partida liveaboard dive cruisers get a great opportunity to see a large variety of marine life. At 60ft you get large schools of tuna and jack while lower down you will be amazed at what nature has to offer – species of sharks ranging from Oceanic white tip to Whale Sharks to Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, and more. The Giant Pacific Manta Rays with wing spans of 21ft fly through the water very close to you, possibly curious about an unknown species in their domain. 

When to Dive in Roca Partida

The best season for diving in Roca Partida is November to May when the sea is the calmest. This is also the season when whale sharks, Pacific manta rays, and thousands of humpbacks come here to breed and calve. From January to March, the Island houses friendly bottlenose dolphins.

Onboard Nautilus Belle Amie with Pablo Divemaster

Feb 16

Full boat of 32 divers, starting from Revillagigedo and heading to the first two dive sites Fondeadero and Canon at San Benedicto Island. It was a paradise on earth for us as we were surrounded by Hammerheads, Silver tips, sharks, and black and chevron mantas swimming around.     

Feb 18

Great day for diving – current minimal, water not too cold, and good visibility. Incredible experience to be greeted by singing aahumpbacks, friendly dolphins, and mantas.

Feb 19

Diving off Roca Partida

It was a surreal experience as on the first dive we saw a beautiful juvenile whale shark though propeller scar marks on its upper body made us very sad. But our spirits lifted when we met head-on with Galapagos, silver tips, lots of different types of jacks, a big yellowfin tuna, and chevron manta. On the last dive during the safety stop, a group of 25 to 30 silky sharks came super close to the rock on the Northern side.

And so, our adventure goes on. More updates coming soon!

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