Amazing Diving From Abroad the Nautilus Gallant Lady

First-Hand Experience of Guest Rob Greer

The morning of Day 6 started perfectly.  We had a long day yesterday and the late start was much needed.  The captain and the crew were very understanding about the extended period that we had spent in the water yesterday so the delayed start today was very much welcomed by all of us. This far into the trip, our group started to jive very well and so, all of us were remembering the events of the day before with some great laughs. 

After the morning briefing, we all prepared and jumped onto the RHIB.  Free diving with sea lions was new to me, and I was unsure as to what to expect.  Ross’s briefing was a major help as to what to watch out for from the males as we are approaching the breeding season.  This dive turned out to be one of my top 5 of the trip. 

As we approached the island, the number of sea lions that we saw was incredible. I, along with my partner and 2 others were snorkeling as the rest of the group were diving. The way everything was organized before we jumped into the water was very clear and helpful.

The interactions were amazing. Not many people can ever get to say ” I have swum with wild sea lions in Baja!” For over 2 hours we were in the water and relating with these amazing animals. After we all ran out of batteries and memory in our cameras, we boarded the RHIB and everyone was smiling from ear to ear. What an epic morning.

Great Hospitality From the Crew

I cannot speak highly enough of the service and quality and standard of the food we have had on this entire trip. Today’s lunch was no less of an exception either. We were all parched from the amazing morning, and smoothies and water were waiting for us the second we boarded the Gallant Lady. Hot soup was the first round of lunch along with a hardy second course. Being on day 6, I can say we all feel like family with the crew and the rest of the guests.

Overall, this morning was a massive high point for many of us. Being able to experience all that we have up to this point, along with the sea lions is something many of us will be talking about for many moons. If I could rank the overall day, it would be nothing less than an 11 out of 10!!

Diving With the Sea Lions off Las Animas

Today was great. We dove in Las Animas where we had the chance to be in the water with two species of Sea lions. It was a 50 min dive and everyone on board was happy, even the ones that only snorkeled. It was an amazing experience. All the guests are overjoyed and excited and looking forward to what tomorrow has in store for us. 

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