Real-Life Guest Experiences from Aboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

When it comes to guest experience aboard and diving off the Nautilus Gallant Lady, it is incredible testimonials all the way. Here are a few of the Guest Posts from people who have been through it all.

What Martha Has To Say

The Gallant Lady & entire staff has a great culture and passion for our planet! They make exploring the Sea of Cortez a true adventure. Comfort, safety, and fun are top of the line & we would love to continue more adventures with them!! 

PS: Not to mention the delicious, warm, homemade cookies.

Incredible Experience of Guests Tamara and Alina

Part of the excitement of being on the Gallant Lady is not knowing what you might see each day. Will it be snorkeling with mobulas, swimming with dolphins, diving with sea lions, or spotting any number of species of whale? In just our first four days we have had the opportunity to do all of these and wait with eager anticipation for whatever the next adventure will be.

The crew excels at getting us in the right place at the right time without disrupting the animals. Snacks are provided on the RHIB but the real first-class treatment comes from Sylvia who waits on you hand and foot wherever you are on the boat, including bringing warm cookies and hot cider to the hot tub.

We have been very impressed with the dedication of the crew to find us as many encounters as possible. The crew is constantly searching from the bridge, the RHIB, and via airplane, which gives us the best chance of rare animal encounters. We cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings us!

Exceeding Expectations of Guests Nathalie & Jonathan

Nominally the trip was about experiencing the Mobula migration and orcas preying on them. In reality, it has been a whole lot more than that! My partner and I don’t dive, so this trip seemed perfect and exceeded our expectations. We are out multiple times per day to view mobula schools and anything else that crosses our path, all the while expertly wrangled by our guides, Manuele and Alicia. Dolphins, whales (no orca yet though), turtles, sea lions, octopi, bait balls, night dives, nothing is outside the purview of the trip.

The crew is extremely competent, personable, patient, and all-round excellent. They make it clear that our decisions collectively guide the trip and they will make it happen. That is a powerful feeling!

Our home for the trip, the Gallant Lady, is a fabulous base of operations, a luxurious chill spot when the legs are paddled out. The welcome has been warm and hearty, and the service exemplary. Being vegans, we are used to some awkwardness, but here there has been nothing but tasty food, speedily delivered.

All in all, it has been a fantastic experience and trip, though those pesky orcas are proving elusive!

By Nautilus Guests

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