Incredible Diving Experience – First-Hand From Guests

Here are some of the incredible diving experiences as narrated by our guests.

Guest Mark Sauer

The Sea of Cortez is a magical aquatic playground, with leaping dolphins, mobulas that break from their schools to go airborne, and the occasional humpback whale stopping by to add to the delight.

The day begins, warm and sunny and full of promise. We encountered several large schools of mobulas, moving gracefully just beneath the surface. Midday, it was the dolphin show, as hundreds could be seen in all directions, surfing our wake, leaping and splashing, and generally frolicking. They seemed to be on a mission to bring us joy.

I have embraced a saying as we cruise this wondrous sea: Every day an adventure, every meal a banquet.

And the entire trip promises to leave a lifetime’s worth of memories.

Guest Carol Soo

Remarkable Undersea Encounters

Today was such an amazing day in every way. We set off earlier this morning than the day before so that we had a better chance of seeing and swimming with the macula rays. Pedro and Rouslam did not disappoint!! Even without the spotter plane, we were able to quickly find the mobulas and determine if it was suitable for the group to jump in. We had 3 hours with the mobulas and 7 jumps. It was a lot of fast swimming but it was worth all the effort to see the hundreds of rays. We even saw a manta ray quickly zoom by!

Afterward, we jumped in with a pod of thousands of spotted and common dolphins that were putting on quite a show. Some of us are free divers and when we dove down, the dolphins would stop, turn, and come check us out. AMAZING! Back on the boat, the dolphin and mobulas put on quite a show leaping into the air. The day ended with an opportunity for one last snorkel and dive. At one point during the dive, there were rays, a turtle, and tuna! It was hard to figure out which way to look!

Amazing Hospitality Onboard

Oh, and did I mention the food?? And the service?? If you wanted to stay on the boat to make sure you didn’t miss any of the action, the staff would deliver a lunchbox to the boat. Sylvia is so attentive to everyone’s needs, and Julio makes the most wonderful food. If you say a hot sauce isn’t that hot, Julio will make an even hotter sauce! If you say your favorite soda is Manzanita, Sylvia will make sure you always have one.

One person in our group has an astounding number of food allergies, and they are super accommodating to his needs – while also ensuring he has the best meal ever. The ship itself only carries 12 passengers, so it is spacious and comfortable, and also well equipped. We’ve been talking about going on this trip for many years and finally had the opportunity – so happy to finally do this, and we will definitely be back. Looking forward to more days on the boat!!

By Nautilus Guests

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