Top places to visit in Baja

Many years living and sailing the Sea of Cortez passed without being able to visit San Pedro Martir Island, until today. What a show! In my top 3 places to visit in Baja for sure.

You can feel that you are in a special place—the most remote island in the Sea of Cortez and a natural biosphere reserve. Very few can go that far, and we are in that lucky group. Flocks of pelicans, brown boobies, and blue-footed boobies are everywhere, as are sea lions.

There are caves everywhere on the slopes of the island where, always with caution, we can enter to explore both outside and under the water. And at the time of diving, what a wonder! San Pedro Martir is a place to appreciate the underwater vegetation in its maximum splendor, with dreamy black corals and all the life that surrounds them.

It left me amazed, and during the whole dive, I felt like those naturalists that appeared in the documentaries that I watched so much on television. Living the dream? I think so.

– Mate Sebastian on an Ultimate Whale Shark trip.

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